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In studio, making books

Night journey page

Stacks of goodies

Sumo page being scored

I got these 12″ x 18″ colour pages printed a bit ago and finally found the time to work on it at the studio. I can’t wait to finish them… I’ve still got a long way to go. 20 books = 240pages to score and fold = 24 end papers = 120 cuts for the millboards = 20 screen printed covers…

I can do this…

Things to Learn

Something simple and endearing. A recent treasure.

Christian Borstlap recently finished these deliciously simple animated illustrations for Dutch children’s charity, Kinderpostzegels.

Paul Postma did a great job of bringing Christian’s colourful illustrations to life, complimenting them with a playfully restrained animation style to really let their personalities shine.

New Work: Innov8tion Days of Christmas

With some fun brainstorming sessions a few weeks before Christmas, Marc, Nicole, and I came up with this electronic book of Innovation for our clients. I had lots of fun designing and illustrating the ideas. Enjoy!

New Work: A Real Happy Unicorn


While busy doing a million different things, I finally found a day and picked up my pen to draw for an open design competition called the Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge.

I wanted to take the opportunity as an excuse to draw more about happiness. Instead of using Lila, I wanted to create something new and fun. enjoy!

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