PBS Arts: Typography

Now I know what it’d be like to have brunch with these great designers and listen to them talking about type. Thanks, PBS.

Egg Annual Report made it in the Show for ADCC!

It made my day when I found out that the annual report for BC Egg Marketing Board made it into ADCC. It was such an experience going through the process of putting together an annual report. One of the best thing was being able to learn about the egg industry and be a part of communicating the message to the public. See the work here.


Simple choreography made awesome by an interesting man, Genki Sudo.

Discovered an interesting MV by Genki Sudo. Thanks Spencer for your Facebook post.

I love how the kids on the street start imitating them towards the end.

I got curious and wiki-ed the artist to find out that he’s more than just a musician.

Genki Sudo (born March 8, 1978, Tokyo, Japan) is a retired Japanese mixed martial artist and a kickboxer who, up until December 31, 2006 competed in the Japanese based fight organization K-1 HERO’S and before that UFC and Pancrase. He is notable for his elaborate ring entrances and unorthodox fighting style. His philosophy is “We are all one”. He is a practicing Buddhist. Signature moves include the flying triangle and spinning backfist. He is also an essayist, a musician, an actor and a dancer.

Where my camera has travelled without me.

Hmm, it almost feel surreal that my camera’s traveling alone and making its way back soon. I’ve never been so antsy about a package and track it so religiously.
Truly, a watched pot never boils. Every night before I go to bed, I had to check where my camera has been. I’ve been watching it for two nights, the camera hasn’t left the parcel centre yet. Come on DHL, would you deliver that package already?


My New Favourite: Printed Matter

I just got a new book called Printed Matter published by Hyphen Press in London. It’s a book on Dutch designer Karel Martens’ (born 1939) work. It’s an amazing documentary of Marten’s design process, 50 years of his work, and his thoughts on design. The book is also meticulously produced. The whole book is french folded with images that fall right on the folds. Every page is a pleasant surprise.







A miracle: how Facebook helped my camera find me.

I’m sure I’m not the only who’s lost a camera in Rome, but I’m certainly sure that I’m one of the few lucky ones who gets the camera sent back to you from a kind-hearted stranger. And get this, she found me on Facebook with a printed plane ticket in my camera case. It was the best Facebook message I’ve ever gotten.

Katharina, you’re now my best friend in Berlin!


A Ridiculous Trip to New York, Milan, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Venice

We found a round trip flight between New York and Milan for under $300, there weren’t many reasons for us not to go. As soon as I got the okay from work, we started planning.

It was a pretty packed itinerary. We managed to fit 8 cities in 14 days: New York, Milan, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Pompeii, and Venice. What a humbling experience it was. We’ve seen and learned a lot. And of course, there were lots of delicious pizza and pasta.

Here are some photos to share.














New Work: Illustration for The Buzzer, The Olympic Issue

The Buzzer

All thanks to Jane, I was lucky enough to be invited to illustrate for the cover of the February issue of The Buzzer. The subject matter is about TransLink providing extended services to accommodate the higher demand expected for the Winter Games in Vancouver. Super excited!

Below are the sketches of some ideas.




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