Launch birthday: July 23rd, 2009.


Hello there! Thank you for stopping by and spending some time on the site.

First of all, sorry for being a nerd and set a birthday for my site. I’m just really excited because I’ve been looking forward to this launch for forever. With family living on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, it’s indescribable how awesome it is for me to be able to finally show them my work properly. Now, instead of having to hold up my poster and books to the webcam, my parents can finally see my work non-wobbly and non-chopped off. Thanks to Daryl for making this possible. Thanks also to Mark who has helped me create the wonderful favicon of the glass of orange juice that gets filled up indefinitely.

Please leave me a note and let me know what you think of the site. I would really appreciate it. Or just leave me a note and say hi. I’d be grateful for that, too.


Leo’s Song from impactist on Vimeo.

Paper Heart


I was introduced to a new film called Paper Heart tonight. A story about a girl who doesn’t believe in love going to different places interviewing people about love. It’s on my list of movies to see!

Handmade Nation

I saw the file tonight with Ginger, Grace, Trung and Ross. I love the opening title. Enjoy.

Why orange juice?


People ask me why I like orange juice so much. I found this photo my mom took and realized maybe this whole obsession for oranges started then?

(I hope my dad doesn’t kill me for showing the world his old awesome do…)

My first post. I AM here.

Yes! My spanking new website is finally close to finishing. After months of planning and organizing, Daryl and I have finally come close to the finishing line. Being foreign to the interactive language, it was nice to have some help to make this happen. Thanks, Daryl.

We’re still working on some details. In no time, it’ll be up. I can’t wait to tell the world about my site.

Studio move in.

At last. The studio space I’m sharing with Ginger is finally starting to take shape.





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